AI-Powered Forecasting


Demand Forecasting

Want to improve your planning?

Alpha-i helps you optimize supply and inventory levels with accurate predictions of future demand.

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Dynamic Pricing

Want to always charge the optimal price?

Alpha-i helps you dynamically change your prices and optimize for your business objectives.

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Investment Management

Want to improve performance?

Alpha-i helps you add alpha to your investment strategies by extracting more value from your data.

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Predictive Maintenance

Want to reduce downtime?

Alpha-i helps you find failures before they happen and perform maintenance only when needed.

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Deep Learning

Leverage all your data and capture complex relationships for accurate predictions.

Bayesian Statistics

Assess the confidence of each forecast and make better informed decisions.

Dynamic Conditions

Evolve your predictions to reflect time-varying relationships in your metrics.

Cloud platform


Machine learning models require large amounts of computing power.

We handle the necessary cloud scaling to meet the requirements of your application.

Browser and API

Our Analytics Platform and API can be used to transfer data and access your predictions.

This way you can visualise your forecasts and easily integrate them in your workflow.


Authentication is required for all requests to our Analytics Platform and API to guarantee enterprise class security for your application.