Data and technology are transforming the industry

The vast proliferation of data and technological advancements continue to reshape the way the financial industry operates and competes.

More than 2.5 billion gigabytes of data is created every day. The financial industry alone spends $25 billion a day on data costs.

Data has become the most valuable asset any financial institution holds, enabling ever greater efficiency and opening the doors to amazing new opportunities.

Don't get left behind

Opportunities often come with challenges and threats.

The sheer volume of data requires greater sophistication of data-science techniques in order to obtain accurate and meaningful results. This is particularly true with financial data given its signal to noise ratio and dynamic conditions. Artificial intelligence can provide wonderful solutions but requires deep statistical foundations and expertise.

Additionally, there is a competitive threat. Will you outsmart your competitors in taking advantage of the rise of AI?

⍺I Financial Forecasting is your AI support platform, combining cutting edge machine-learning and Bayesian methods to give you sound and transparent predictions for your key metrics of interest.


Forecasting Financial Returns for Portfolio Management

The problem

In the asset management sector, the role of a portfolio manager is to implement an investment strategy on behalf of his clients and manage the day-to-day monitoring and trading of the portfolio.

Transparency and the ability to explain investment decisions are fundamental in the relationship between a portfolio manager and his clients.

For this reason, many portfolio managers shy away from any analytical method they consider opaque. Unfortunately, this often includes powerful new technologies including machine-learning methods, grouping them under the label “black box”.

The solution

Our client is a forward-thinking asset management firm that wanted to leverage AI techniques, while keeping the transparency and explicability of their traditional portfolio management methods.

⍺I Financial Forecasting allows them to extract more value from their data, thanks to a tailored machine learning solution that captures complex relationship in the input factors for enhanced forecasts of future financial returns.

⍺I Financial Forecasting satisfies the need for transparency and explicability by providing measurements of confidents and clearly explaining the underlying factors that contributed to every prediction.

Business results

Alpha-i delivered first assessment of expected results in just two weeks, showing an excess correlation between predictions and future returns of more than 1%.

The client was able to seamlessly incorporate the results from ⍺I Financial Forecasting in its workflow as an extra input coming from a dedicated AI analysts.

Project Highlights

  • 10 years of data analyzed
  • First results delivered in just 2 weeks
  • Excess correlation with future returns > 1%

⍺I Financial Forecasting

Your AI support platform that allows you to extract more value from your data and improve your performance by seamlessly integrating with your workflow.

Product Trials

We provides 6-12 weeks trials to tackle your company’s operational challenges and demonstrate the business value that Alpha-i can add to your organisation.