Improve your performance

AI forecasts to add alpha to your strategy

⍺I Financial Forecasting works as your AI support platform, allowing you to process vast amounts of data and extract more value from it. It enhances your existing approach by learning the unique patterns of your data and providing you with new information that can be easily integrated in your investment pipeline.

⍺I Financial Forecasting is your dedicated AI analyst. You decide what information to process and at which step you want to incorporate its insights. It continually learns from new data and gives you predictions in real time, always with a measurement of conficence and transparently explaining the factors considered in each forecast.

Business Value

Transparent predictions

AI doesn’t have to be a black box. Alpha-i is transparent and interpretable.

Every prediction comes with a measurement of confidence and a breakdown of the contributing factors.

Add alpha to your investments

Extract more value from your data and improve the predictive power of your strategy.

Probably the easiest and most cost effective way to increase your performance.

The power of AI at your fingertips

The entire industry is embracing Machine Learning. Get ahead of the pack with Alpha-i.

Your dedicated AI support platform that seamlessly integrates with your pipeline.

Key facts

  • Add 1-5% Alpha to your Strategy
  • Increase Forecasting Accuracy by 5-20%
  • Compatible with structured and unstructured data



Gain new and powerful insights from your data.

Alpha-i automatically builds predictive models for your metrics and immediately gives you actionable forecasts.


Alpha-i is interpretable and knows when it doesn’t know.

Every prediction comes with a measurement of confidence and an explanation of its driving factors.


Translate predictions into value-adding actions.

Alpha-i gives you real-time recommendations to optimize your investment decisions.


With Alpha-i your teams and data get smarter by the day.

Our machine-learning algorithms evolve with every input we take in to deliver increasingly accurate predictions.


Cover from one asset to thousands with minimum additional effort.

With Alpha-i, you can enhance your operations at scale from a single analytics platform.

Product Trials

We provides 6-12 weeks trials to tackle your company’s operational challenges and demonstrate the business value that Alpha-i can add to your organisation.