Reduce downtime

AI health monitoring to prevent failures

⍺I Predictive Maintenance goes beyond traditional rule-based systems by using machine learning algorithms to identify failures proactively. It analyses all relevant information including sensor data, SCADA data, asset management systems and external data sources such as weather.

⍺I Predictive Maintenance is capable of predicting failure significantly earlier than legacy rule-based systems and with higher accuracy. The application’s AI is autonomous, allowing operators to catch problems even if they have never happened before. It is also dynamic and learns over time, adapting to emerging failure modes.

Business Value

Prevent downtime

Reacting to faults is not enough. You need to be proactive.

Identify performance issues before they occur and resolve problems faster.

Go beyond time-based inspections

Regular inspections are expensive and take long to perform.

Alpha-i sends you alerts if you need to take action.

Increase overall asset reliability

Visualise the health of all your machines and prioritise repairs by criticality.

Key facts

  • Reduce downtime by 30-50%
  • Reduce maintenance costs by 10-40%
  • Extend machine life by 3-5%



Catch all problems, even if they have never happened before.

Alpha-i automatically builds health models for your machines and immediately gives you actionable results.


Perform maintenance only when needed.

Every prediction comes with a measurement of confidence to minimize the number of false positives.


Get to the root cause of every problem.

Alpha-i helps you understand the cause of faults and inefficiencies and gives you key inputs to guide the investigation.


With Alpha-i your teams and data get smarter by the day.

Our machine-learning algorithms evolve with every input we take in to deliver increasingly accurate predictions.


Cover from one machine to thousands with minimum additional effort.

With Alpha-i, you can monitor all your machines from a single analytics platform.

Product Trials

We provides 6-12 weeks trials to tackle your company’s operational challenges and demonstrate the business value that Alpha-i can add to your organisation.