Alpha-i goes beyond traditional rule-based methods by using machine learning algorithms to identify failures proactively. It analyses all relevant information including sensor data, SCADA data, asset management systems and external data sources such as weather.

Our software is capable of predicting failure significantly earlier than legacy rule-based systems and with higher accuracy. The platform’s algorithm is autonomous, allowing operators to identify problems even if they have never occurred before. It is also dynamic and learns over time, adapting to emerging failure modes.


Deep Learning

We leverage all your metrics and capture complex relationships for accurate predictions.

Bayesian Statistics

We provide you with a level of confidence for anomaly occurrence, so you can prioritize failures based on criticality.


Our algorithms work autonomously and require small amounts of data to get started. Get results on day 1 with no data pre-processing.

Product Trials

We provides 6-12 weeks trials to tackle your company’s operational challenges and demonstrate the business value that Alpha-i can add to your organisation.

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Cloud Platform


Machine learning models require large amounts of computing power. Alpha-i handles the necessary cloud scaling to meet the requirements of your solution.

Browser and API

You can access Alpha-i using our web portal or API. This way you can visualise your results and easily integrate them in your workflow.


We guarantee enterprise class security for your data, thanks to strict authentication policies and 24/7 surveillance.