Prevent failures and reduce downtime by monitoring the health of all your turbines from a single analytics platform.

Alpha-i provides maintenance insights to wind farm operators, helping them to reduce asset downtime by predicting and preventing equipment failure.

While wind energy is the fastest growing energy sector, poor wind turbine performance is a continuing source of downtime and maintenance costs for wind farm operators.

The Alpha-i software connects to all your turbine data to keep you informed on the current and future necessity for O&M intervention. Using Alpha-i, you will know when to take action to prevent asset failures and reduce downtime, generating savings for your company.

Business Value

Prevent downtime

Reacting to faults is not enough. You need to be proactive.

Identify performance issues before they occur and resolve problems faster.

Go beyond time-based inspections

Regular inspections are expensive and time consuming.

Alpha-i alerts you if you need to take action.

Increase asset reliability

Visualize the health of all your turbines and prioritize repairs by criticality.

Key facts

  • Reduce downtime by 30-50%
  • Reduce maintenance costs by 10-40%
  • Extend turbine life by 3-5%
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Get to the root cause of every problem.

Alpha-i helps you understand the cause of faults and inefficiencies and gives you key inputs to fix the problem.


Alerts you can rely on.

The confidence of every prediction is checked before sending you alerts to help you manage and prioritize.


Catch all problems, even if they have never happened before.

Alpha-i automatically builds digital twins for your wind turbines and alerts you to anomalous behaviour.


With Alpha-i your team and data get smarter day by day.

Our machine-learning algorithms evolve with every new input to deliver you with increasingly accurate predictions.


Cover one turbine or thousands with minimal additional effort.

With Alpha-i, you can monitor all of your turbines from a single analytics platform.

Product Trials

We provides 6-12 weeks trials to tackle your company’s operational challenges and demonstrate the business value that Alpha-i can add to your organisation.